Dear Loveland Youth Family Members: 

As many of you know, I have been practicing medicine in Loveland since the mid-1970s, and what a wonderful and fulfilling time I have had. It has been absolutely delightful watching the youth of our community grow from infancy to adulthood in those many years. We have the grandchildren and, in some cases, GREAT grandchildren of my very first patients walking through our clinic doors! You, my family really...have been a true joy in my life. 

In those decades of practice, I have grown too, not in height maybe but in years. My physical condition may start to prevent me from providing you the best medical care I can. Due to concerns about my health, my personal physicians have greatly encouraged me to retire immediately. It is not easy to give up something that has been such a pillar and important part of one's life so suddenly, but I know this is the best decision for our well-being. 

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I am officially announcing my retirement and the closure of The Loveland Youth Clinic, P.C. on February 9th, 2023.

There are several wonderful pediatric clinics in our area including Banner Health, UCHealth, Thompson River Pediatrics, Sunrise, and The Youth Clinic just to name a few. All these clinics have excellent, trustworthy providers and would be a great choice for your medical needs.

Records requests should be sent to 

Loveland Community Health Center
302 3rd Street SE
Loveland, CO 80537

Please specify you are requesting records from The Loveland Youth Clinic.

I want every one of my patients to know you have given me the best possible professional life. You have cheered me up, encouraged me to be a better person, and taught me so many things. My heart is full, but I will miss seeing your smiles and sharing in your enthusiasm for life.

With appreciation,

Michael Quintana, MD 

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